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Ross Ziegelmeier


The Linnean Society of London


Ross Ziegelmeier (script, illustration, animation, storyboard, treatment)

Oblio (music - "8Bit Action")

Marta Yanci (voice over artist)  

This rodent’s story is one about choices, and its ability to make them. The gamification of this animation plays on the idea that the viewer is “taking part” in the decisions of these rodents or characters. The gaming style also allowed for critical viewpoints and concepts to be translated effectively, such as the aerial views of their range lands and the collected icons representing how their choices were rewarded. 

This story only has one star, the Tuco Tuco, so creating a character that could show you all its best sides was a must.  

The landscapes inhabited by this little Tuco Tuco are pretty impressive, so, we felt inspired to paint these sceneries and use them as the backdrop to this incredible story.  

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